About Me



I am an accredited Holistic Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Nutritional Medicine.   I am wholehearted about all areas in which nutrition can be a powerful tool.  Over the years I have developed a special interest in GUT heath & body composition (fat loss, muscle gain).


With all of my consults I take the time to understand my client, their background and how they envision their health in the future. Together we formulate achievable short and long term goals that are individual, taking into account lifestyle, current health and nutritional status.


I believe it is imperative during the road to health that an individual understands the mechanism behind recommendations and that is why I spend time educating and answering questions for my clients & workshop participants. My experience shows that it is much easier to implement changes when there is awareness and belief to generate motivation and action. When positive results begin to happen the rest follows and my clients switch into a higher gear with a new found drive, confidence and spiritedness.


Nutrition does not only restore your health but is preventative medicine and is THE biggest investment you can make in yourself, your family & your business.  I love working alongside clients assisting them reach their goals no matter how big or small and seeing the huge difference it makes in their personal or working life.  No one ever looks back from making positive changes to their health and that makes being a Holistic Nutritionist very rewarding!




Bachelor of Health Science BHSc (Nutritional Medicine)

GUT health Post Graduate Certificate

Sports Nutrition Post Graduate Certificate

Women’s Health Post Graduate Certificate

Professional Association (ANTA – Australian Natural Therapies Association)





Like any virtuous Nutritionist, I love food!  It grabbed my attention from early on; cooking, eating, reading and spending far too much time in the isles of health food shops inspecting all the latest products.  The allure of food naturally transitioned in to the field of nutrition and now, here I am working in a stimulating and forward thinking industry.


I am fortunate enough to have travelled a lot but Byron Bay, Australia is now home and I love the health and food vibe in Australian culture.  Surfing and stand-up paddle boarding not only keep me fit & humble, they create opportunities for travel, physical and mental challenge and are a constant source of hilarious moments.


Being a nutrition nerd (unashamedly!) my eyes light up researching, experiencing and talking about both the intricate science and also the simplicity of the good feeling that we get from everything that food brings.  When I am home, you will find me pottering around in the kitchen or relaxing with something to read or suckered into a Netflix series.  It is important for me to create an atmosphere at home that welcomes people and has wholesome, weird and wonderful foods to be shared by all.  This is the good life as far as I am concerned!

I am lucky enough to be venturing down the first time mum path at the end of February and I just can’t wait :)

Nutritionists, dietitian, health coach……..what is the difference?