What is Nutritional Medicine?


Nutritional Medicine is the perfect combination of evidence based scientific practice and holistic therapeutic intervention.  Nutritional Medicine takes the entirety of a person into account and works to re establish and optimize health through the correction of deficiencies and excesses.  An insight into a person’ s digestive system is fundamental to assess whether the body is absorbing and assimilating nutrients, as it should be. It is when this is compromised that the rest of the body fails to receive adequate nutrition and symptoms and disease follows.


As a Holistic Nutritionist I use Nutritional Medicine in my approach by incorporating therapeutic dietary intervention techniques and only if required nutritional supplements are prescribed.  I assess blood or other health care results to assist in painting a complete picture of an individual’s health.  Lifestyle and overall wellness are also highly reflected in consultations as our belief system is that the body works synergistically and when there are imbalances at any level, other areas of the body system are influenced for better or worse.


Nutritionists, dietitian, health coach……..what is the difference?