BioImpedance Analysis

At The Nutrition Effect we use BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) equipment to determine an individual’s body composition; proportion of fat, muscle & bone.  At the forefront of Sports Science, BIA provides key insight for sports performance, weight management and preventative health.


Historically the bathroom scales have been used to gauge a person’s health based on their total body weight.  The BIA is revolutionary in that the specific cellular data that is collected determines how the weight of a person is distributed around the body.  Two people weighing the same according to the bathroom scales can be completely different when it comes to body composition and it’s this vital information that can be used to improve a persons’ physique and health status through holistic nutrition and exercise.


The BIA machine is a brilliant tool to be used as a part of any health and fitness plan.  The scan is a quick, easy and non invasive test that sends a light and electric current through the body.  As your body is made up of differing masses (muscle, fat, water and bone) the measurement of electric resistance is different when it reaches each of these target areas, indicating where and what the weight is.  From this we can effectively track a person’s fat loss, muscle gains, hydration and muscular imbalances.  Most importantly we can monitor visceral fat levels which is absolutely imperative to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes & hormone imbalance.


A BIA scan will give you these results:

  • body fat in kg & percentage
  • soft lean muscle in kg’s
  • visceral fat rating
  • water content
  • bone mineral density
  • bio age (age based on physical results)
  • distribution of fat & muscle around your trunk & limbs
  • fitness score
BIA Prices
  • BIA + basic analysis
  • $3015 Mins
    • BIA scan (takes about 2 minutes)
    • Together we will go through the key results
    • Comparison of previous results
    • Basic recommendations given

  • BIA + 30min follow up
  • $8030 Mins
    • BIA scan (takes about 2 minutes)
    • Together we will thoroughly go over key results
    • Comparison of previous results
    • Revisit goals and targets, if needed, make adjustments to protocol
    • Professional recommendations are made

  • BIA + 1hr Consult
  • $16560 Mins
    • A thorough health & diet history analysis
    • BIA scan (takes about 2 minutes)
    • Together we will thoroughly go over key results
    • Comparison of previous results if relevant
    • Define goals and set exact targets
    • Professional & individualised recommendations & protocols are made

  • Body Plus Premium Package
  • $235
    • For the individual ready to commit to reaching their body composition goals. Package includes all 3 BIA options starting with an hour consult & scan over a time frame which will best suit your targets
    • Includes Options 1, 2 & 3