Labour Aid

Labour Aid


I don’t know where ‘Labour Aid’ originated from but I love everything about it.   These days, taking charge of your pregnancy and birth is highly encouraged and there are loads of ideas on how you can make your labour personalised and special to you.


When I heard from my midwives that dehydration was one reason that may cause a long labour I went into sports nutrition mode,  what nutrients do I need to replenish during labour to support what’s probably the most intense marathon I could do?!


I came across Labour Aid on the internet, an electrolyte drink to sip on during labour to keep  hydrated, fuelled and supporting the electrical impulses needed for muscle contractions.   And what is extra special about Labour Aid is you can tailor it to enhance the results you desire or extra support you may need.


My version of Labour Aid:

Juice of 1 x LEMON  >  lemons contain the minerals potassium & calcium which work as electrolytes in the body ;  balancing the pH & fluid

pinch of SEA SALT > sodium is another major electrolyte, aiding the absorption of minerals and fluid into the cells and regulating blood pressure

1 x tbsp of HONEY > this is optional for taste but I also added it for the sugar content which will help with much needed energy!

1 x serve MAGNESIUM powder> Not only is magnesium an electrolyte but it also plays an imperative role in muscle relaxation and nervous system support.  I think that speaks for itself?!

1 x serve VITAMIN C / ANTIOXIDANT complex powder > I chose to add Vitamin C and its supporting nutrients (hesperidin, rutin, quercetin) to my blend because I know I have a pre-disposition to vein type conditions.  I have been taking this complex during my pregnancy to prevent varicose veins, heamarroids and the likes.   These nutrients are beautiful at supporting the repairing of tissue so in case of any tearing or surgical intervention, I have myself covered for a speedy recovery!

7 x drops of BUSH FLOWER calm and clear essence > You may like to use Emergency Essence or something tailored to you, however I prefer Calm and Clear to help relax and disconnect from external pressure.

COCONUT WATER >  You could use filtered water here too which is the major carrier of electrolytes through the body.  In fact I made 1 litre of each but this is really about flavouring your drink and finding what you will enjoy to drink at the time!

Tip:  have the ingredients on standby from about 34 weeks and either plan to make when you begin to feel the onset of labour or have someone make for you.  Don’t forget to put it on your hospital “packing bag” list!


I’d love to hear from you, what else what you add to your Labour Aid?


Please note:  When using supplements, consult your health care practitioner especially if taking other medications or you have a medical condition.

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