Hair 500 Premium Package


Hair 500 Premium Package includes:
  • Hair 500 testing kit
  • 1 hour initial consult to discuss current health and goals at length
  • 1 hour follow up consult to discuss results and implement protocols
* suited to the person who is ready for more in depth support and wanting specific protocols to support their physical and mental health moving forward.
(may be done online or in Mornington clinic)
Food Intolerance Testing
I use multiple types of food intolerance testing in my clinical practice but the Hair500 Test is one of my favourites as it tests a list of 500 everyday foods and household items.  All you need to do is provide a small hair sample and the lab does the rest.
how it works : Your hair sample provides cells which can be tested against the 500 items to identify if there is any reactivity.  From this process we can determine a protocol by substituting aggravating items for ones more suitable to you.  Alongside this we will work on GUT healing and immune system protocols to restore your health.
who should do this: 
Anyone who is struggling with chronic health symptoms such as brain fog, lethargy, migraines, headaches, sinus, hayfever, pain, skin issues, IBS symptoms.


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