Wellness DNA Bundle Premium


Wellness DNA Bundle Premium includes:

  • DNA testing kit
  • 1 hour initial consult to discuss current health and goals at length
  • 1 hour follow up consult to discuss results and implement protocols
* suited to the person who is ready for more in depth support and wanting specific protocols to support their physical and mental health moving forward.
(may be done online or in Mornington clinic)
DNA testing 
DNA testing can shed the light on genetic factors that may be playing a role in your health currently or potentially.  This testing will not identify specific diseases as such but will show polymorphisms (SNPs) which effect things like :
– methylation
– neurotransmitter production and function
– hormone metabolism
– detoxification
– antioxidant status
– nutrient metabolism, transport and absorption
– cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk – energy metabolism
– DNA expression
Who should do this testing?  
Anyone wanting to get to the bottom of health issues whether it is physical or emotional or to have a snap shot of what their disposition is for preventative measures.


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