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Tackling health concerns or taking on a new nutritional challenge on your own can be overwhelming, confusing and often results in false starts, endless hours spent googling and sometimes a great amount of money spent on supplements with no results.  Connecting with a nutritionist will remove the burden – their expertise will ensure results are achieved in the shortest amount of time.

Reaching your health goals through nutrition and lifestyle is incredibly rewarding and empowering.  At The Nutrition Effect, we will work ‘side by side’.  I will coach and inform you along the way so as you know exactly why we are incorporating or modifying nutritional protocols and actions.  I will show you how to take ownership of your health and live a life where you feel and look fantastic and eating wholefoods becomes a way of life!

Areas we can work together

but not limited to

  • Weight loss, weight or muscle gain
  • Sports nutrition
  • Pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum
  • Supplement Management
  • Digestive/GUT health
  • Skin health
  • Auto immune conditions
  • Fatigue & chronic stress
  • Vitamin / Mineral Deficiencies

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Genetic polymorphisms

Other Areas

The Nutrition Effect can help and inspire you with learning to incorporate superfoods, implementing specific food and lifestyle practices such as paleo, auto immune protocol, GAPS, detox, cooking for your family, kids lunch boxes or making it work on a low budget.

Nutrition Consultations – $155
1hr initial consultation


  • Pre consult questionnaire to be filled out before consult to identify health concerns, goals, medications and family history
  • Research and preparation undertaken by Melanie before consult based on pre consult questionnaire & any pathology testing needing review
  • 1 hour face to face consultation (Mornington Peninsula) or 1 hour SKYPE consultation
  • Initial expert strategy based on outcome of consultation
  • Follow up email to summarise the consult and strategy


Please note: This is an individualized plan that is tailored to your specific health needs and goals

Follow Up Consultations – $85
30min consultation


  • 30 min face to face consultation (Mornington Peninsula) or 30 minute SKYPE consult
  • Discuss your improvements, any setbacks, welcome your feedback and make any modifications
  • Analysis of pathology results
  • Continuation and expansion of treatment strategy
We use the following testing:

Corporate & Business

It is reported that about $28 billion is wasted in lost productivity and wages per annum in Australia with 342,000 people visiting a GP every day!  Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression & obesity are some of the main chronic health conditions suffocating the Australian population and consequently effecting individuals, families, communities & workplaces.  Prevention is the best solution for chronic disease & can be made easier & more achievable with commitment to good health and lifestyle practices in and out of the workplace.
Motivate, engage and create a healthy working environment by providing nutrition & wellbeing support to your employees & look forward to better outcomes for your business.

Individual Consultations


  • Regular in-house one-on-one consultations for your staff
  • Regular BIA testing for all employees
  • Functional testing to assess bloody sugar control, stress, nutrient status, inflammation etc
  • Wider nutrition support and eduction around stress & weight management, blood sugar control, disease prevention, managing & reducing impact of chronic health conditions through food & lifestyle, healthy meal & snack planning for the workplace


  • BIA Scans for employees
  • Informative presentation designed to educate & motivate your employees to improve and monitor their individual results (reduce fat, increase muscle, improve fitness, bio age and quality of life) through nutrition & lifestyle.
  • Other topics – healthy food ideas for busy schedule, overcoming fatigue and stress, preventing illness & disease, reaching optimum health, following good nutrition when travelling for work


Please note: Topics tailored to suit the needs and engagement of your workplace

Collaborations & Workshops

Bringing in a Nutritional Practitioner to help deliver a message or present new ideas to your clients, members, readers & customers brings credit and loyalty to your service/product.


No matter the audience,  The Nutrition Effect will bring nutritional knowledge & expertise in a down to earth manner to enhance your project.




My latest workshops “Introducing Solids & Infant GUT health” are being delivered on the Mornington Peninsula.  Information and tickets can be found here.


I am loving collaborating with a bunch of talented girls in Byron Bay to deliver a one day health retreat on Nov 26th 2017 focusing on stretch therapy, meditation, eating plant based cuisine and i’ll be talking all things GUT health!  Limited places, ticket information can be found here


Whether you are looking for Qualified Nutritionist to contribute to your magazine, blog, e-course, menu or to represent your product, The Nutrition Effect will provide reputable, original & engaging material to suit your needs.


Recent projects include:

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Practical & workshops packages

The Nutrition Effect delivers diverse & captivating workshops that will add value to your business. The Nutrition Effect has a knack for inspiring participants with everyone leaving  focused and excited to begin or continue their health journey!


Topics can include: Digestive Health & Microbiome, Stress, Energy & Supportive Nutrition & Lifestyle Allergies, Intolerances and Effective management , Women’s and Men’s Health, Detoxification

Gym & fitness studio packages

Workshops & Challenges are designed to keep your members committed, engaged & above all, getting the results they desire.  The Nutrition Effect works alongside clubs/studios/PT’s to ensure members receive evidence based & holistic advice around fat burning, maintaining/gaining lean muscle & utilising nutrition for a healthy and sustainable way of life.   Collaborations with gyms can include: 6, 9 or 12 week challenges, BIA testing, Facebook support group, one-on-one consultations, myth debunking, supplement advice, education on the impact of stress, sleep, sugar & hormones on achieving results.


How to get started

Contact me to book a free 15 minute SKYPE consultation where we will discuss your goals and determine how to achieve them

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