Byron Inner Health Retreat

Byron Inner Health Retreat

Repattern, release & discover the inner landscape of your body


The Byron inner health day retreat provides a revitalizing wellness experience unlike any other.


Karlye Williamson, a skilled health professional from Byron Bay, a qualified Stretch Therapy Teacher, Personal Trainer, Pilate’s instructor and currently studying Occupational Therapy, will host the 3-hour stretch session. Her experience and knowledge of the body provide a wealth of helpful tools for a better understanding of the body’s inner landscape.


This 2 and half hour stretch session is perfectly complemented Eva Kings guided meditation to deeply restore and relax the inner mind. Followed by a plant-based lunch from the talented Vegetarian chef Bree Avalon who specializes in using food as medicine and creates dishes that feed and nourish the body. Her mission is to provide: Balance, Vitality, and Energy.


After lunch, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner Melanie Sinclair will take you on a journey into the world of GUT health. Informative, insightful and interactive, this session will help you understand and be inspired by the inner mechanisms of your GUT health from the microscopic bacteria to the flow on effect of ensuring a positive mind, good brain health, healthy physique and disease prevention. Explore & taste some of the best ingredients for nurturing your GUT health.


The retreat is an experience designed to empower each individual with the knowledge and the skill-set to be the master of their own health and reach their full well-being potential.


An opportunity for each to learn how to explore their inner landscape more intimately so they are able to navigate deeper and more richly in their outer world.


Using education, breath work, movement and food as medicine as tools to nourish and evolve. Experience and learn about yourself from the inside-out.


You will leave rejuvenated, balanced, recharged and motivated. Confident to independently navigate your way on your own health and wellness journey.




Day Schedule:

8:45 am Arrival at future dreamers

9:00 am Stretch session begins

10:30 am Break for refreshments

10:45 am Stretch session resumes

11:45 pm Guided meditation by Eva King

12:15 pm Lunch

12:45 pm Gut Health talk by Melaine Sinclair

2:30 pm Q &A

3:00 pm Wrap up and conclusion

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