Corporate Health Workshops AVAILABLE

Corporate Health Workshops AVAILABLE

According to the 2017 Happy Planet Index, Australia doesn’t even rate in the top 10 countries when it comes to living a long, happy, sustainable life compared with other nations.   I thought we had everything at our fingertips in this country?!  Well we do, but with the fortune of it all we also have the downside.  The pressure, the bills, high pace, long working hours & access to convenient but unhealthy food options.


“Melanie has been an invaluable asset to our organisation and the missing link we’ve been searching for. Since our partnership in early 2018, she has provided detailed meal plans for our 8 Week Challenge members and facilitated numerous workshops with our corporate partners. Melanie’s holistic approach to nutrition means that everyone that attends her sessions walks away with so much more than just a better understanding of food, they also receive an education on sleep, stress & hormones, as well as nutritious recipes!”

– Sarah, Pinnacle Health Clubs


2018 has seen a lot of changes for me (read all about the gory details here!) but what I am excited about is the Corporate workshop element of my work.    By supporting good, consistent nutrition and actively putting effort into our wellness, we can live happier lives.  By feeling healthy, inside and out we can reach potential in other areas of our life, the flow on effect is endless.  Nutrients are responsible for the biochemical processes in our body, it’s impossible to feel energised, clear minded, positive and robust if we are not getting the ingredients.


I am available for Corporate workshops in Victoria, however willing to travel if the opportunity fits.  I believe in making your workplace an environment that supports health and wellbeing as part of the core structure.   Read more about my services here.



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