Meadow & Marrow Bone Broth Concentrate

Meadow & Marrow Bone Broth Concentrate

It’s always flattering when a business you admire asks you to become an affiliate of their product!

I first left Victoria to head to the more sunnier parts of Australia in February 2015.  With all the expectations I had of the Gold Coast since having spent some time there when I was 18 (the shiny GC certainly wasn’t famous for it’s forward thinking cafe & restaurant scene), I almost strained my neck when a sign caught my eye whilst I was driving up the familiar Gold Coast hwy, “bone broth cafe”.  Wow, definitely worth the U-turn I thought.  I couldn’t recall even seeing a so called bone broth cafe in Melbourne.

Straight away I met the lovely, hardworking Brio Emporium cafe owner Atlanta and I made my first GC buddy!  They had just opened their doors and the bone broth on offer definitely met the flavour criteria and after chatting at length to Atlanta, I discovered that her and her partner Mark’s passion for producing good quality products with a desire to help people reach their health goals with more convenience was admirable and an absolute winner of an idea.

I was thrilled to recently learn that Brio Emporium had extended their business and developed an incredible line of products under Meadow & Marrow.   What makes them incredible is the sheer convenience they bring!  I mean, have you ever actually made your own bone broth?  Although rewarding when you go through the process to have a beautiful home made broth, it can be a long process.  Meadow & Marrow have done the hard work for you and come up with a concentrate that works similarly to a curry paste.  Stored in a jar, you can simply add the concentrate to pretty much anything!


Meadow & Marrow Bone Broth Concentrate has made life for myself and my clients so much easier! The key to reaching health goals using nutrition therapeutically is consistency and quality. Thanks to this product, it is now achievable and hassle free for the whole family

As a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner I am constantly seeing clients with GUT health issues that are manifesting in a range of symptoms.  From skin health to joint pain & food intolerances, as a holistic practitioner I need to help my clients address GUT health as first protocol.  But telling some individuals to start with bone broths can be extremely daunting and sometimes unrealistic due to time restraints & busy lives.  In order for a therapeutic result using nutritional protocols, consistency over a set time frame is crucial to positive results.  So I am extremely grateful to have a product to recommend my clients that makes these goals absolutely doable!

You can find Meadow & Marrows product and their benefits here and watch this space for exciting new joint projects!


Ways I have enjoyed the bone broth concentrate:

  • mixed with hot water and consumed as a tea
  • as a marinate for chicken or pork fillets and baked in oven
  • stirred into a bolognaise sauce (paleo shepherds pie with a cauliflower topping was divine!)
  • mixed into a soba noodle stir fry
  • used as base for curries and slow cooked meals




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