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Le Manjue – Organique

R. Domingos Fernandes, 608 – Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo – SP, 04509-011
Phone: (11) 3034-0631



In the leafy streets of Vila Nova Conceição, Le Manjue Organique ticks all the boxes! Not only a great space with a cool, modern fit out, but the service is tip top, the food is organic and the menu is attractive and sophisticated.

It wouldn’t be Sao Paulo if lunchtime didn’t offer a buffet option for the city workers and although it was fresh and vibrant I opted for the a la carte and was really happy with the selection of food. The quinoa, ceviche salad with a green herb dressing and the grilled prawn and pineapple salad were divine! I love this restaurant, its atmosphere, the organic menu and the convenience of valet parking, always a winner in São Paulo! Also, check out opportunities for cooking workshops.



moinha de pedra 4Moinho da Pedra

R. Francisco De Morais, 227 – Chácara Santo Antônio (Zona Sul)
11 5181 0581


I love it when I go to a café or restaurant and I get a surprise, a good surprise! Moinho da Pedra is what looks and feels like a quaint house in suburban São Paulo, however it is bustling with life especially come lunch hour when it attracts workers from all around. The food is fresh and strives to be local, mostly organic.   The ordering system is somewhat confusing and intimidating if it is your first time and even more so if you don’t speak portuguese. Take a place in line (sometimes can be long), and when you get to the front you need to have made your decision, but the scary part is it’s not until you are at the front of the line that you get to see the display of all the delicious foods and the menu! You can choose from the plate of day (2 options) or there is also a small menu and foods in the display. You then move along the display cabinet while you wait for the kitchen staff to put your plate combination together, the good thing is you get to wait (not for long) by the dessert display that is truly to die for with its array of homemade cakes, tortes and brazilian fruity delights!

Make sure you have enough time to browse the front of the shop on your way out which has everything you need in ways of health food products and fresh produce!



la da venda 3Lá Da Venda

R. Harmonia 161 – Vila Madalena, São Paulo – SP, 05435-000
(11) 3037-7702





No stay in São Paulo is complete until you have experienced Vila Madelena with its rustic and eclectic vibe. And Lá Da Venda is the perfect place to stop by for either lunch or coffee and snack.   Embracing local food and artisan products that remind you of being out on a charming little farm, you can not only get a good meal but all sorts of kitchen knick knacks and unique hand made gifts such as table clothes and teapots hanging around the café creating a colourful and interesting setting. The many items are all 100% organic and use sustainable materials.

Try their specialty coffee, where you receive the perfect measurements to pour your own coffee using the “minicoador de pano” and “canequinha”, or small filter and coffee cup!

The grilled fish and pureed banana is my dish of choice but you will find it hard to choose from all the brasilian influenced food and desserts.




kaleFeira De Productos Orgânico / Organic Product Market

Saturdays (7am-1pm)
Modelódromo do Ibirapeura, Rua Curitiba, 292 Vila Mariana, Sao Paulo




Life in the Brazilian city of a mind blowing 22 million people is penetrating; frenzied, relentless traffic, concrete infrastructure as far as the eye can see, a heavy heat that lingers without so much as a hint of a cool breeze. Not how you envisage life in Brazil! But right in the heart of Sao Paulo is Feira De Prductos Orgânico.  Held in the cities largest park is a tiny sanctuary attracting people searching for a breath of the natural environment, where they can buy the freshest, organic produce without the madness of shopping between week shop hours. Find everything here from fresh fruit and vegetables including all the local Brazilian wonders, dried fruits including native caqui, eggs, honey, oils, packaged foods and interesting breads containing the widest range of vegetable flours you can imagine!

Green juices, coffee and of course coconuts are available and my favorite, tapioca pancakes are made on the spot with your choice of organic, vegetarian fillings.




Bananas3Parque da Água Branca Feira De Produtos Orgânico

Tuesdays, Saturdays & Sundays (7am-12pm)
A. Francisco Matarazzo, 455 – Água Branca, São Paulo






If you are looking for the whole experience when it comes to shopping for your organic produce, then this is the place to come. Set in the tranquil Parque da Água Branca (White Water Park) where the magnificent trees remind you that the city was built on a luscious jungle. Peacocks, chickens and other small animals walk freely around the park and there are great sitting and play areas for kids. The produce is crisp and fresh with many stallholders to choose from keeping the prices very reasonable. Eggs, nuts, honey, spreads and green juices can also be found but go early to avoid the crowds!   If you want to take time and soak in the atmosphere to enjoy some of the local, homemade Brazilian breakfast favorites (coffee, juices, scramble eggs, cakes, breads) there is a café under the trees but expect a line if you are not there first thing!


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